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Brand: PCSL® Model: USB Type C to VGA Adapter
USB3.1 brings many improvements to the previous standard USB3.0. The most noticeable is the new Type-C connector which is much smaller than the previous standard connectors, it is also reversible.Another feature is called “Alternative Mode”. This allows the USB to carry different types of sign..
Ex Tax:£18.25
Brand: PCSL® Model: USB-C Cable for Apple TV 4th Edition - USB 3.1 - 1m
USB Type-A to Type-C / Reversible connector (Type-C) Note: USB 3.1 Version Cable is backward compatible with USB 2.0 Charging Output: 3A / 60w This cable features both a Type-A connector and a Type-C connector making it ..
Ex Tax:£3.45
Brand: PCSL® Model: USB2.0 A to B Data Cable - 2m Grey
USB 2.0 Type A Male - Type B Male2 MtrBeigeShielded28AWG/2C+24AWG/2CUL type CM..
Ex Tax:£1.95
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