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Gel Crimp - 8A CONNECTOR, 2WAY

Gel Crimp - 8A CONNECTOR, 2WAY
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Gel Crimp - 8A CONNECTOR, 2WAY

Gel crimp IDC connector which is manufactured using a high quality waterproof gel, providing a secure seal against moisture.
  • Suitable for connecting any two telephone conductors internal or external
  • Suitable for copper conductors 0.32 to 0.9mm or aluminium up to 0.5mm
  • BT Openreach approved gel Crimp connectors
  • Connect telephone conductors with PE or PVC insulation, with no requirement to strip the insulation
  • Simply insert the telephone wires into the holes and firmly compress connector
  • Cable entry ports designed to accommodate and retain a customised test probe
  • Transparent high clarity housing allows for visual inspection of the crimped splice
  • High performance polypropylene material offers good chemical resistance & high tensile strength
  • Suitable for use in high and low working temperatures

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