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Dexgreen 11A – Make before break connector

Dexgreen 11A – Make before break connector
Dexgreen 11A – Make before break connector

DexGreen’s DexCrimp Connector Wire Insulated 11A is a new Make Before Break butt type connector employing U type insulation displacement connectors (IDC’s) and an integral cut-off blade, it will form a connection between two insulated conductors. Entry to the connector is via two ports which  allow the conductors to be both passed through the connector and passed in from the sides.

Key Features:

– The connector has a pre-crimp facility allowing it to be held in position on the conductors prior to crimping with a tool.

– Upon crimping the connector the excess conductor length is cut off, leaving an easily accessed environmentally sealable test point.

– When the connector is crimped, electrical contact through the contact elements takes place prior to wire cut off.

– The new DexCrimp 11A is capable of being used on working pairs to cut out connectors previously in circuit.

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